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The section of Harzex, the contact point for lonely hearts, where you can find your love. The private advertises of ladies of all parts of the world who are seriously interested to begin a friendship. Perhaps you will find your great love here ?

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Nice women and beautiful girls looking for the sincere and honest man. On this page we show all the countries there we have announcements from and which are already translated into english. Choose the country inside the list, click on it and you will be lead to the specific page, which is sorted by photo and age. Additionally in the list the first number shown in brackets means how many advertises are presented here, who are coming out of this region, the second digit how many with photos. In case that you are prefering to search over all countries and restrict the selection we kindly asked you to use our search with selection items.

Your princess of dreams you don't find in these list. Turn around, make yourself seen worldwide. Why only be passive and just looking, participate and present yourself. Your advertisement free of charge is welcome to us. It's easy, try it and
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A little bit of courage, that's all you need.

We have a lot of visitors, but unfortunately most of them are to shy to fill out the Sign-in-form and participate thereself. We apologize that we can't present thousands of intersting girls to you. An incentive to you: A lot of access is indentificated out of Brazil, so use the easy way to get well known to brazilian beauties.

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